8 benefits of AI-narration

At Speechki, we create a cloud-based audiobook recording platform to upscale publishers’ audiobook inventories with ultra-realistic synthetic voices. Sometimes we face myths about AI narration. We have even broken some of them in our blog. Today we want to talk about the benefits of AI generated voices.

Here are eight of them:

  • Synthetic voices don’t get tired. AI narrators are able to record audio 24/7. They don’t need to rest or take a coffee break, so the time we spend on an audiobook is minimal.
  • They don’t get ill or have any voice problems. This affects performance. If the real narrator falls ill, it may take weeks for their voice to recover. And also after treatment, it can sound different. Synthetic voices are always the same, so they don’t have to be re-recorded.
  • If an AI narrator makes a mistake, it is easy for proof listeners to correct. To correct a mistake in a book recorded by a human narrator, one has to re-book the recording studio and wait for the moment when the corrected segment can be recorded. In turn, the robot can be taught not to make a mistake that he has already made.
  • Synthesizing an 8-hour audiobook takes the service 15 minutes. The speed of creating an audiobook using Speechki’s service is 20 times faster than the traditional way.
  • A wide catalog of voices and accents is available immediately on-demand. For example, at Speechki, we have a list of 364 voices in 77 languages including different accents.
  • AI gives the opportunity to create audio versions of millions of books. According to statistics, only 5% of books have an audio version. Most publishers simply can’t record their books because of the unit economics. It’s very expensive to do it in a studio with real actors and sound engineers. AI-generated voices can solve this problem!
  • The service is easy to use. Each AI-generated audiobook needs proof listening. Anybody can become our proofer, because the interface of the service is intuitive, and even a person with minimal computer knowledge can easily use this paid service.
  • Speechki opens the audiobook world to everyone. Our service makes books more accessible for different categories of people, from those who have vision problems or dyslexia to those who simply do not have time to read paper books.

Speechki surely doesn’t want to replace human narrators with AI-generated voices. What is more, sometimes we really need their help. Not long ago we recorded the book Cheers: Around The World In 80 Toasts, and asked human narrators to help us with four chapters.

We just want to show how useful and simple it might be to create an audiobook with Speechki service.